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Custom Cable Design & Supply

Supplying custom cables that are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of your application

For special requirements, Markerry can support custom cable design manufacture.

Through partnerships with various cable manufacturers, Markerry provide cables that are designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of our customers’ applications.

The advantages that Markerry provides include:

  • Saving money by specifying the exact quantity and lengths required.
  • Identifying the physical and electrical tolerances.
  • Defining the components (jacket, shield, insulation, shield, etc.) that best fits your application.
  • Optimising the conductor stranding, size and colour-code.
  • Brand recognition by printing your company’s logo and information on the jacket.

Cable Customisation Information

The basic information required to customize your cable includes:

Conductor Information
Conductor Size
Conductor Material
Thermocouple Type
Insulation Information
Material Type
Insulation Thickness
Cable Description
No. of Conductors
No. of Pairs
No of Triads
No of Quads

Shield Information
Shield Type
Jacket Information
Material Type
Jacket Thickness
Max OD
Additional Info
Temperature Rating
Voltage Rating
Quantity (meter)